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The Industrial Complex Property Group (ICPG) approach results in managing and controlling your taxable value.  We offer a complete range of services to minimize property tax liability on a select range of industrial and commercial properties. 

We will show you how minimizing your tax liability can improve your cash flow, reduce your expenses and increase your profits for years to come.  Our methodologies are enormously effective, and we invite you to discover the lowest possible legitimate tax liability for your company.    

Industrial & Special Use Facilities  

We secure results for your company through several proven techniques and very comprehensive reports that outline how your assessed values can be significantly reduced. 

We begin our review with a walking tour of your facility and interviews with key personnel.  Our professional engineering expertise enables us to analyze your location and review your facility’s machinery and equipment, manufacturing processes and economic position. 

Our engineering experts then correct your value by using our own innovative software to carefully review your assets, reclassifying if necessary, and extracting all intangibles.   Through the use of our various methods to quantify economic obsolescence, your manufacturing, market, and industry trends are researched, documented, quantified and factored into the value of your taxable assets. 

After collecting and reporting the pertinent information, we are fully prepared to present your case before the assessing authorities.  Your company’s best interests are represented in a comprehensive report that completely authenticates your facility and industry that tax year, while those of the assessing agency are protected by having their own supportable documentation.

Commercial & Retail Property   

We achieve success for your complex commercial locations through our experience with all aspects of personal property and real estate.  Our team’s knowledge of the markets for income-producing property, specific ad valorem tax issues, state tax codes, and qualifying and quantifying internal and external factors affecting assessed value creates a unique tax solution for your company.

We begin our analysis by visiting your location, interviewing property managers, and obtaining additional pertinent facts and issues related to the property.  We then analyze the value of the property based on the property’s generated income, regional market sales data, Performa income information of similar and competitive properties in the market, and assessment comparables.

Through the use of various methodologies, our valuation experts determine the property’s potential physical, functional and economic obsolescence.  We then summarize the data into a comprehensive analysis report of similar and competitive properties in your market.    

Our team then works in tandem with your accomplished personnel to establish “target values,” file the required documents, reports, and appeals with assessing authorities and to negotiate the assessment through informal or formal hearings.  Our approach works to monitor and regulate your property tax liability and can be applied toward future tax seasons.